Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easy Street, ease my soul!

Oh well, that attempt at a picture sucks balls...fuck it! Anyways, the point of this all is to share with all of you (are there six of you now?!?) my harvest at the rekkid shop. Easy Street's vinyl section is one of the last physical sanctuaries left for me in this world, here's what I pilfered from the stacks.

Polvo, Exploded Drawing. Much more rockin than I remember (more warbly, experimental was my memory). Good old Bob Weston production and flashbacks to Cellophane afternoon shifts with Barrett.
Head Machine, Orgasm. Pictured above, barely. Cool psychedelia all about sex, humpin', fuckin'. More listens required, but the first impression is: spark one up!!
The Wizards From Kansas, S/T. Maybe the ultimate gem of this crop of psych-rock. Has an Allman Bros kinda thing goin on, but wrapped in more LSD paper than booze. Plus, Jake Wilson is from/lives in Kansas. Hmmm...maybe he's a Wizard and this album was prophetic???
Velvet Underground, S/T & Nico. Uhhh, why didn't I already have these? Jane says. I didn't, by the way, buy the new, crazy ass $28-version of these platters. What is it with the vinyl records these days, every fuckin The Cure platter I want is reissued at like 30 bucks. Even the cashier at Sleasy Streat couldn't explain that one, save for a theory on niche-market pricing. Fuckin' almost as much bullshit as Josh Beckett getting lit up like Vegas on Christmas by Tampa Bay last week.
Love's A Real Thing: the Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa, Various Artists. Peanut Butter Wolf and David Byrne clack heads to compile this one. Nuff said? Nope, there's a track on here that was playing in the store (another example, of countless, why you should pay attention to in-store play late at night) with a guitar player that shredded up some Eddie Hazel type riffs.
Silver Apples, S/T. Groovy to the max, yo! Dan Taylor (percussion) can lay down some in-the-pocket grooves sho nuff! All sorts of simple, yet headnotic songs that employ an aesthetic that might not have truly caught on until the most recent wave of Neo-Classical Electronica artists (think Murcof, Jacaszek). Makes me wanna eat a bag of mushrooms and lay in a field of grass, giggling for hours, just listening in on the secret language of vibrations spoken by the intangibiles of the Universe. Ole!
So, just went haywire on me. So, the other records I got were The Beginning of the End, Funk Nassau, which is a fine fine representation of New Orleans Soul/Funk from the late 60s early 70s (some of the best music ever made). Plus, I got my copy of Jacaszek's Treny in the mail from Boomkat, fantastic!