Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Un World

Trippy and ghoulish soundscapes thrust me back to recurrent childhood nightmares on Andrew Liles' An Un World. Am I turning into some HipHop-infused, 21st Century gothic weirdo? I remember ten years ago, all this ambient shit was detestable to me, but now it's almost soothing. Though, it's not in some self-mutilation blues kinda way, just that the transmissions from other dimensions is so tasty to me now.

Where in the World is Vast Aire

A couple nights ago at work, my coworker threw on El-P's Fantastic Damage on my pod. I hadn't listened to it in a bit, but always love the cut "Dr. Hellno & the Praying Mantis" with Vast Aire on it. So then, naturally, I had to throw on Cannibal Ox The Cold Vein. In the end, this all got me to wondering why the fuck Vast Aire hasn't put out more albums. I mean, the dude is a serious talent as an MC and I love the tone of his voice and delivery. Give me more!!!