Monday, May 31, 2010

Game of the Day

Ubaldo Jimenez used Tim Lincecum as his experimental playground whipping boy today as the Colorado Rockies beat the San Francisco Giants 4-0. Jimenez looked like a combination of Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez out there today. Lincecum actually looked better than in his last few starts, but he still couldn't master his command. I wonder what kind of software upgrade Jimenez got this off-season, because I remember him in the '07 World Series looking like an average pitcher who was over-hyped because of his bullet train fastball. Now he looks like he's going to unseat Lincecum for a few consecutive Cy Youngs in the NL (no offense to Doc Halladay, who is unequivocally a fuckin' badass).

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tragedy is something to celebrate

I was looking through an email advertisment from Ebbet's Field Flannels that I receive through their mailing list. This one concerned a sale on Pacific Coast League (PCL) team shirts, etc. That is not really the interesting part. What was so fascinating was the sidebar of the page displaying a "This Date in Baseball History" factoid. For May 28th, 1925: "Oakland Oaks pitcher George Boehler pitched 9 1/2 innings of no-hit ball, but lost to Sacramento on two hits and an error in the tenth." Baseball is certainly the only sport, and probably one of the very few realms of life, in which we celebrate tragedy in such a sense. Regardless of if we were rooting for one team or the other, what is most important is that true appreciators of the sport recognize the beauty in such an historical fact and tragedy. Boehler came close to an act of perfection, purity, godliness and immortality. Well, in a sense he's achieved the immortality part a bit, because 85 years later, people he never knew and wasn't related to are talking about him. Nonetheless, he came that close and still is pegged a failure. Icarus would've lit on fucking fire descending that quickly.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mediate the medium

Interesting listening experience tonight: I was locking into the new Grails Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 4, when I realized the copy I'd received to review was a burn from the original vinyl. The extra white noise and the faint churning of the turntable's motor gave it away, but also detracted from the focus and enjoyment of the listen. What's truly interesting about this is that I knew immediately that if I were listening to this on vinyl (soon enough!!) and could hear the same noises through my turntable, I would immediately tune them out and have a pleasurable experience. But, since it was an mp3 copy, I didn't expect these sounds and it made for a distraction. Mull it over...

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Sinking of the DH

Just watched a discussion about poor offensive production (particularly from the DH spot) on the MLB network and even Sean "The Mayor" Casey ignored the elephant in the studio. All of the analysts spoke of how it may be a return of dominant pitching (which is certainly a valid factor). None of them conjectured about the effects of a downturn in PED use. So, this leads to two questions. First, regardless of testing regimens and harsh penalties for getting caught using PEDs, has there actually been a reduction in use? Secondly, assuming there has been a reduction in use of PED in baseball, would it really produce such awful offensive numbers in absentia and why the fuck didn't they discuss some of these possibilities? The silence leads me to suspicion that they know how little change there has been in PED use in baseball.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Night Breaking Bad Mix

Right after the newest, most awesomest episode of Breaking Bad I turned to my banks of sound and did a little 55 minute (or so) mix of what I have come to affectionately call 'Doombient'. Other folks call it 'Hauntology', which I like, but I also like to make my own words up. Here's the mix in order:
- "Raagini Robot" by Ken Camden
- "Truth & Distance" by Concern
- "Hathor's Dance" by Higuma
- "Persistent Repetition of Phrases" by The Caretaker
- "Gathering Strengths/Silence Within" by Pussygutt
- "Arc of Wisdom" by Elm
- Side B of Francisco Lopez's Untitled #228
- "The Twelve" by Nest

As with almost everything I do, it's a work in progress, as I'd like to continue adding to the mix. But, I'll probably get distracted and do another mix before getting around to adding to this one. Gotta laugh at yourself, right?

Baseball as Polytheism

I'm beginning to sense and think that the game of baseball is a perfect analogue for modern polytheism, which barely exists anymore by the way. There are always examples of a mere mortal challenging and defeating gods. You may idolize one god above the rest, but there are always a multitude of gods, with new ones swirling into fame and power out of the ether all the time. This is only the beginning of a meditation on baseball as religion, amongst other things. Stay tuned.