Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Poem

I think that the first love sticks with you forever, like a scar, but a scar that continues to remind us of the possibilities we sometimes feel like giving up on. This is a poem about just that:

Andrea’s Blueprint

I’ve looked for you
every day since
the last day I saw you

peering around the veil
of every curly blonde lock
on every street corner
or coffee shop patio
or park bench

a yearning for that lost
the way Lou Reed sweats
through his homage to
his favorite opiate

the specter of love still
looks like you, Andrea
even when years of
growth & knowledge
tell me it will look
different when it next occurs…

your smile, your kiss
was the blueprint

1 comment:

Justin said...

this makes me think of DNA and cellular biology. what is the earth most like? it is most like a single cell.
blueprints abound! fractals of the divine blueprint surround us in all ways always, everything points to everything else--every relationship is symbiotic, is it not:?

i'm not high, but i'm about to be.