Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moving Movies

Just watched Definitely, Maybe with Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin and I must confess my delight at how touched I was by this film. I expected, at best, a romantic comedy with these unrealistic single father tie-ins, but got more. A love story, rather a story about searching for love and what the fuck is it in the first place, that has its cheesiness and resolution that cures all our heartache, but was surprisingly well written and crafty. Could be I'm extra susceptible to emotional gush right now, because I got all choked up over the Teddy Kennedy tribute at tonight's DNC. God damn that shit was hot!! I really was fightin' back the tears and throat closure while watching the Teddy montage, particularly the pics of him and his brothers...Fuck, all the more good that family could have done had more brothers survived. But the hopefulness reflected in the past is renewed with my man Barack Obama!!! Go kick some McCain ass dude!!!

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