Monday, October 6, 2008

Much Gratitude to Reggie Willits

For stinkin' it up tonight in Game 4 of the ALDS, Reggie Willits wins a special spot in my Red Sox heart. First, you get caught nappin' on the squeeze play, allowing Tekkie to tag you out in a sprint back to the 3rd base bag. Then, you fail to put the ball in your glove and roll the red carpet out for Jason Bay all the way to 2nd base. It was a nerve-racking game that made me grumpy and jumpy after the Angels tied it up (no offense Tito, but why didn't Jon Lester pitch to at least the first batter or two in the top of the 8th???), which is the pre-2004 kind of Sox fan shining through. However, I hung in there, fighting off urges to leave early, and was rewarded with the joy of a walk-off single by Jed Muthafuckin' Lowrie! On to the ALCS for the 4th time since 2003. Cheers boys!

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