Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pass the Gat!

It's been a bit since I threw some morsels of my mind on the scrap floor for you, my minions, to scurry after and snatch up. A lot has been happening, as is the case in almost anybody's life. Some summational thoughts: The Red Sox got knocked out of the playoffs by the Tampa Bay Rays, who, in turn, had their asses handed to them by the Philadelphia Phillies. This was a mildly satisfying postseason...but the Steve Harvey Show didn't make it any better. I did make a new Sox buddy out of watching these games, my man Mike (he comes down to the Pub and is a grad student). I finally moved into my new spot about 2 months ago, which is nice to not be in limbo anymore. Decibel Festival was absolutely amazing! Made new friends, hung out all weekend with old ones and listened to some sweet music. However, I learned that weekend that my mom has breast cancer, again. Since then, she's had her surgery and is recuperating nicely, but it is a stressful time for a family. So, in the style of life that patterns emerge and disappear all the time, I am back here at the Pub on a Sunday, working a double shift, enduring the slow half and listening to old school (read=quality) HipHop. I started out by pumpin' Brand Nubian's second album In God We Trust on the drive in and finished it out as I opened the bar. I still remeber the first time I heard this LP when the first song starts up with the Muslim call to prayer (it is, in fact, titled "Allah U Akbar"), I am transported back to my 19th year and a small house on Beacon Hill. I was hanging out with my friend Kendall and in between Front 242 albums, he put this album on. I also recall watching Malcolm X that day in a shady, smokey living room. I was trying to quit smoking that day, but the way Spike Lee had captured the smokey Jazz club scenes, I just broke down. Then, before I got any customers today, I played some tracks from Cypress Hill's third album and that shit is waaaaay better than I remember it. When it came out, I thought it was a steaming pile of crap, but in retrospect and through all the subsequent years of total trash being put out as "HipHop", I have come to see it as a better than average album. Now, I'm listening to Doomilation, which is a collection of different singles and b-sides MF Doom has done with varying producers and MC's. This Sunday's plunge into HipHop is brought to you solely by JakeOne's new album White Van Music. Check it, the shit is f'real.

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