Saturday, February 9, 2008

Distance makes the Heart

So, I've been a little bogged down lately, which will be my main excuse for not posting in over a week. Stickin by it. Been absolutely drowning in new music. That's not a problem, just a fact. A fact that keeps me busy and away from idol time in cyberspace(is it still called that?). Between my trip to the record store(see last post), data disc music sharing and a new writing gig(!!!), I've easily listened to a new album every day in the last week and a half. A lot to digest and therapeutic as well. Seeing as I'm a little out of rhythm, I'd like to just spit out a few thoughts and happenings from the last week and a half. I guess it would be like a little brain dump for the blogosphere.
The Mariners finally got the deal done for Erik Bedard, which is great in some senses(the Ms will have a badass 1-2 punch at the head of their rotation), but I think I agree with this guy, even though his photo bothers me.
I feel a creeping sense of dread when it comes to the news about Schilling the last couple of days. Mostly because my stomach churns at the slightest signs of instability and challenge before the Red Sox even open camp!! I'll admit it, I've become a very spoiled(and rabid) Sox fan over the last few years...and I want it to stay that way. I love watching them win, something extra gratifying to it.
The Black Mountain show last week was phenomenal. Except for the smoke machine, just didn't get it. But Tre, Greg and I had a rockin good time; it's great when people around you are staring at you because your cycling shoes are tapping so hard on the mezzanine that it becomes a secondary bass drum(Greg, I'm looking in your direction, smiling).
I can't stop thinking about just how fucking awesome There Will Be Blood is. Seriously. And Rambo was actually pretty entertaining, but certainly lacking in substance.
DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist with Kid Koala is comin up this Sunday and I'm stoked to be goin with Bench. In fact, I'm excited to be going to more shows overall this year. I barely went to any shows while I was married, but that quickly changed when I moved out and the separation started. However, I am consciously shifting gears this year to be more involved with live music.
Well, I think that's enough for now. Remember to keep a lookout for my reviews and such at the above-mentioned link for my new writing gig!

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