Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Hard Sell

First off, any of you(do I have 4 readers now?) who still have the opportunity to see DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist perform The Hard Sell should bust ass to get to this show. Oh, and do me one solid as well...get there in time to see Kid Koala open for them, he is simply a turntable wizard. Bench and I showed up at 9.20 for the show, which had door time of 8, and Koala had already finished his set. Damn!! I've seen him once and was completely floored; it was possibly the same emotional-musical experience as seeing Jimi Hendrix in London before he blew up. Or, at least, that's what I imagine, seeing as that I wasn't even close to a sparkle in either parents' eye at that time. Mostly, I was bummed that Bench didn't get to see Koala and also a little bummed that I missed him, but that is just how shit goes down. Unpredictable show scheduling on a Sunday night in Seattle, the most uptight latenight town on the West Coast.
Anyhow, the set that Shadow & Cut throw down is a marvelous hour and a half session in music education. I'd call it Hip-Hop Roots & Culture 255 if we're starting my dream university. I particularly loved the litle De La Soul tribute section(Prince Paul, we salute you). The crowd was extra hype for a Seattle hip-hop crowd, rockin so hard up front that 45's were skipping occasionally.
The thing that more than made up for missing Koala do his thang? Chattin his ass up while he worked the gear table. One of the least pretentious people in music that I've encountered(still wish he'd of hung out at my house back in 2000!!!)
Goodnight for now and look forward to the Mouth of the Architect show!!

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