Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Slide, the Tag & Safe! at Home

I arrived in town around 7 in the evening (6 really, but it was Friday rush hour traffic...welcome home!), just in time for my man Benny's 33rd birthday party (also happens to be Manny's birthday). Had a good time chillin and partyin with Benny and the crew, even though I was so exhausted that I probably shoulda just crashed right then and there, but then, I never claimed to be smart in these situations. Spent yesterday recovering and walking around to drop some road trip gifts on some friends and going to the grocery store (I had no food). Manny hit his 500th career homer, which is cause for celebration, and is heating up again as he parked one again today...just a bit ago. I had a fabulous trip with only one bummer, that I didn't get to see the Field of Dreams site, but, well, I didn't feel like driving towards numerous tornadoes. Nonetheless, I am glad to be back. It was a refreshing 3 weeks, but I also realized how much I needed to get back home towards the end; I started missing my bikes, my records, my friends and being home, no longer on the move. I've decided to go vegetarian and the "dietary choices" in the Midwest are certainly helpful in now making this switch. In fact, I think I might be a little sick from all the meat and potatoes. As I continue to process the impression left by this adventure, I have a renewed sense of good things coming in the future, in a long term and short term sense. I feel as though I am really starting to learn how to take it easier on myself while simultaneously being more active and productive. One reflection I had was that I have kind of been acting like I'm on vacation for quite a few months now and that is changing. Not that I am restricting myself from being free and easy and having fun, but to balance that with another side of myself that is more directed, determined and focused. More to come soon.

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