Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rainier in the BOTTLE!!!

Why the fuck don't we get this kind of royal treatment in the hometown of this tasty beverage?? Sure, we have the tall boy cans, but there's just something classic and classy about the bottles. Anyways, speaking of back home...the Red Sox are in Seattle and Manny hit his 499th career homer. Congrats Manuel! Wish I coulda been there for it, doesn't look as though he'll get 500 tonight as he was just unintentionally intentionally walked in the 9th. Met some nice folks, including a couple of girls that just graduated from college and are going back home to a town, the name escapes me, near Mt. St. Helens. They majored in equine studies, so they learned me on some horse racing knowledge. Still don't like the sport. Okay, think that's all for now!
Oh, almost forgot...yesterday was an all-Murcof day until I threw a wrench in there with Old Man Gloom, because I believe in balance through Paradox.

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