Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drinking Games

So, I haven't had a cigarette in 6 days (almost 7 at the time of this post) and consequently not been drinking alcohol more than a drink here and there (booze is my biggest smoking trigger). So, why is it that I think of a drinking game at this time???
My friend Jesse and I have been undergoing tests of endurance, kind of like Bikram Yoga ten-hour sessions, but with CSI marathons. I recently came into some cheap box sets of seasons 1 & 2, the reason for the endurance tests. In the course of watching, say, 24 episodes of CSI in a 4-day span, you begin to notice formulaic reiterances throughout all episodes; think of it as a screenwriting fractal, patterns repeating within patterns. This has lead me to an inspired moment that went something like this, "Hey Jess, we should make a drinking game for this show."
"That could get out of hand," was her reply.
So, for shits and giggles, I googled "csi drinking game" and found this. A CSI: Miami Drinking Game, which is freakin awesome! I mean, Miami is the most hilarious trainwreck of all the CSI franchises, but I'd like to make one for the original Vegas version (I personally find nothing redeeming about the New York version, at least you can laugh at the ridiculousness of David Caruso in Miami).
Also, once I'm in the clear of quitting smoking and can booze-hound it up again, then we (me and anybody else?!?!?!?!?) should play a round of the CSI: Miami game. Anyone up for it?
It's on!

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