Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Promise, My Word, My Empathy

Last Saturday I made a promise to my buddy Steve Genson, that if the Cubs win the World Series this year, then I would buy all his drinks for the weekend of the clinching game. Steve is a farmer and a 54-year fan of the Chicago Cubs (he's 54 years old, btw), thus long suffering and skeptical of any glimmer of hope that his team could win, despite the fact that they have taken the lion's share of best record in the Majors this season. I'll keep this short so as not to possibly hex the Cubbies, because, despite my love for the Red Sox, I really would like to see the North siders win this year. Cheers to ya Steve!
FUCK!!! I just saw Steve last night at work and, while he was holding together alright, I haven't seen a baseball fan's face like that since Aaron Fuckin' Boone. Sorry Steve, that series sucked balls for Cubs fans.

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