Tuesday, December 9, 2008

saturn shrine

{Saturn Shrine}

her breathy voice heralded
the age of lullabies
she turned her head, upward
urging us all to view the stars
for the first time all over again
and pick the spaces between them
and fill them with invisible stars
made of the wonder
that children possess unfiltered
the almost tangible side
of imagination, that
makes the ridiculous practical
dreams that remain
upon awakening, like
running your fingers
through the bounded spaces
between hairs on a bee’s thorax

and then she swelled with a cry
to make the unreal, real.
to live beyond the confines
of our own enslavement
to truly define love
instead of commodifying it
upon which, she exploded
into a cloud of stardust and hope
recapitulated into the ether…

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