Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hey everybody(in Seattle, at least)! Me and my boy Tre are gonna be rawkusly rawkin at the Black Mountain show on this coming Thursday...YOU SHOULD JOIN US!!!! It will be a kick ass, beardo-bloodthirsty-Canuck-rockin time. If you haven't already heard them, find a way to check out their new ablum(intentional's called slang! big ups to Hutch, who is the first person I ever done heard say it that way). Hope to see you there with your beards on!

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pbrchicken said...

I just shaved my beard so I could get that damn Grizzly Adams theme out of my head.. sorry.

Opening band Howlin' Rain (Comets on Fire spinoff) should be good too.. it's an early early show!

maybe see you there!