Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tunes I couldn't get out of my head in '07

It took me a little time to get to this(back in the days when I worked at Cellophane Square, I'd've had a list filled out by December). However, I care less and less about temporal significance in music writing and reviews and the need to have it right away, particularly because it usually prohibits deeper thought and reflection on the piece(s) in question. So, if you think I'm sleepin...piss off.
Also, this will not be a traditional top ten list. I am not ranking, because I don't think that different albums can always be compared to each other as to their importance and impact. Each album, each piece has different emotions to convey and affects on the, I continue to feel increasingly averse to ranking-style lists. Well, here it is.

-Amon Tobin
Foley Room So far in Tobin's illustrious career, I feel that Supermodified is still his best work, but, that said, this album is still among his best work. The field recording aspect shines best with the use of animal sounds, such as a Tiger's brutal gutterances(that's my word!) to augment the bassline. Where will he go next? Favorite track: Keep Your Distance.

-Radiohead In Rainbows The way they "released" this album was revolutionary; it seems that only they could do it(they have the clout, the following). Other than that, I think that Thom Yorke's vocals are the primary strength of the record, carrying it through any weak moments(agh! sacrilege! did he say something negative about the allmighty Radiohead?!!!???! My Universe is melting!!). Favorite track: All I Need.

-Colleen Les Ondes Silencieuses I dunno if I've even fully processed this album yet. The overwhelming emotional power and simple beauty are staggering. I feel as if she has opened a portal into my mind from when I was 6, or 7, and produced the soundtrack to that time and mindframe of my life. Favorite track: Le Bateau.

-Grails Burning Off Impurities Cannot wait to see these guys live, an opportunity I have fucked up with show apathy. My boy Bench hipped me to this record, even though I had discovered them before. They are the best Appalachia Folk Metal I have ever heard...kind of a "brewing storm" feeling to a lot of their songs. Favorite track: More Extinction(the beat is ridiculous and ominous).

-Do Make Say Think You, You're a History in Rust They infused a bit more of an Americana sound into their overall feel on this record, moving away, somewhat, from the psych-rock sound of their earlier work. All hail Constellation Records!! Favorite track: The Universe!

-Bitcrush In Distance Is it rock? or is it electronica? It certainly is melancholy and pretty. Label n5MD is putting out a lot of interesting stuff(almost as good as Type Records, my favorite new label). Favorite track: Post

-Zozobra Harmonic Tremors Absolutely smashing rock energy! I saw these guys open up for ISIS earlier in the year and they, by far, blew away both ISIS(who were a little flat, but I still love 'em) and JESU. Let's just say that both the album and the live show floored me, which is special in my book. If I had to pick and absolute favorite record, with disregard to my earlier comments/thoughts, of 2007, then Harmonic Tremors would be it. Favorite track: the whole gotdamn's that good!

-Loess Wind & Water This is the direction that mellow, emotive electronica should be moving in. Favorite track: Greensland

Other notables(without comment...for now)

-Bola Kroungrine

DJ Alibi One Day

Exillon The Keening Dithers

Hannu Worms in My Piano

Murcof Cosmos

Wax Tailor Hope & Sorrow

Apparat Walls

Here's to an '08 full of godd tunes!!!!

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