Saturday, January 19, 2008

Most delicious

The thing with going over your favorite albums of the year, is that inevitably, you think about records/artists you discovered during the calendar year that don't meet the criteria for the list. With that in mind, I'd like to identify the Most Delicious Discovery Award of 2007. Usually, this distinction goes to an artist or group that I've slept on out of misdirected haterism. Thusly, most recipients have been Hip-Hop groups and the album that changed my perspective on them. However, for '07, the Most Delicious goes to Helios(aka Keith Kenniff aka Goldmund) on Type Records. It was the album Eingya that I first tried out from my lovely record store, Easy Street. This album sounds like the soundtrack to, first, the dream-saga of a life of love yet to come and, second, the courtship and early part of the relationship when everything is coated in that layer of sunshine and honey. Yet, there is a melancholy to it, as well, as if it were the perfect capture of those times of love, but in a prophetic vision of when that all becomes bits of history collecting like dust on the shoulders of old couches. Go take a listen(if I haven't already burnt it for you...those who know) through the link I provided. Cheers.

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