Thursday, January 3, 2008


Happy New Year everybody(probably nobody at this point, seeing as nobody will be reading this for a while)!
Just a quick note to reflect the passing of a calendar year, something completely arbitrarily created by humans, but seemingly necessary at this point in our "evolution" or "progress".
Anyways. I will be using this space to spill forth a plethora of thoughts, ideas, frustrations, celebrations of the Boston Red Sox, and criticisms of the glorious, illustrious culture and society we inhabit, endure and influence.
Initially, it will seem(to me) that I will be babbling uncontrollably to myself, or perhaps another personality or 5, but eventually, I hope there can exist a conversation here...or "dialogue" as it was favorably, yet snobishly, referred to in my course of college studies. Ah yes, my first crack!! Do I really despise the institution of education? That question is for you to figure out, and many more, as we continue on.
So, for now, in the drunkenly immortal words of my good friend and myself on New Year's Eve, "If you have hate in your heart, let it out!!! Hate hate hate in the 0-8!!"
Cheers and Go Red Sox!!!

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