Monday, January 14, 2008

Coming Soon...A discussion of music formats...the demise of the CD? and where the Hell does Vinyl fit in?!?

So, it looks as though my main shit stain, Roy C, and I will soon begin a back-and-forth discussion regarding the next age of the music industry and the formats that will and won't survive these changes.
Anything to say, in a preliminary sense, ROY?
Well, my questions are will the CD end up like the LP or the cassette or 8-track? Also, what will bands record? Whereas they used to record for a format (e.g., 45 minutes for an LP or an hour or more for a CD), those choices seem arbitrary in the age of the MP3. So, what does the "album" become?
Yessss, let's also remember that Miles Davis was the first to crack the time limit.
ps- the 8 track image is of a Thomas Dolby tape...the first artist to record a music video(according to our immediate sources).

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roy said...

This is gonna get good really fast, people.