Friday, May 23, 2008

Gotta Love the Minor Leagues!

This was the view from my seat tonight, 9th row just to the right of behind home plate. Just awesome to be able to clearly hear the ump calling balls and strikes and the pop of the mitt and bats. The "I Cubs", as they're affectionately called here in Des Moines, ended up winning a nice little pitchers' duel 1-0. In the bottom of the 8th, Eric Patterson (any relation to Corey?) smacked a double into center that bounced off the bottom of the wall, giving him plenty of time to cruise into 2nd standing. Then up to bat comes Matt Murton, who'd I'd been texting John Baker about previous to and during the game. Baker said to tell Murton that he deserves a job in the bigs and I replied in the 5th, after a gross overswing and strikeout by Murton, that I didn't think he did deserve the job. Then, he's up in the 8th and, as a right-handed batter, aids Patterson in stealing third easily by partially blocking a quicker throw by the Oklahoma Redhawks' catcher. On the next pitch, Murton drives a single into the gap and Patterson home for the only run of the game! Oh how wrong I can be...the baseball gods love to make me look like an ass. Anyways, it was a great game and the Friday Night Fireworks were pretty cool, too. Plus, my ticket (and that great view/seat) only cost me $12!! You can't get that shit in the majors.


Ike said...

Wow--Sec Taylor Stadium! ;-)
It's good to see you stomping around Des Moines and good old Iowa... Have fun on the rest of your trip and be careful of tornadoes!

Rev. Gabelicious said...

Good times. Now it's called Principal Park, cuz everything has to be named after a fuckin corporation now. Poopy.