Saturday, May 17, 2008

Learning to walk slowly in Lawrence

I have arrived in Lawrence, Kansas! Got in yesterday afternoon and immediately loved the vibe of this little college town, known as the "Austin of Kansas." Coming from Seattle, a 'city' run by technology, isolation, disconnection and speed, I really needed the breath of fresh air that is Lawrence's slower pace. In fact, if didn't get uncomfortably hot and muggy here in the summer, I could potentially see living here. It has the requisite fine record store and is close to a Major League team, the Kansas City Royals. Also, it has progressive/liberal leanings and a so far seemingly open sense of tolerance and hospitality.
Above is me and my boy Jake Osmar Wilson, the one and only Jake-O-Nasty, rockin his "molestache." Yet again, he lives in a spot where stoop beers are not only possible, but encouraged.
Album of the day: OK Computer by Radiohead.
More to come later...

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