Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I can't say much about Wyoming, I must be on roaming!!

This is about how I feel/felt about Wyoming, with one glaring exception: they have Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, which, as I said yesterday, are freakin awesome!! However, the rest of the state leaves me a little underwhelmed. Long, straight, uneventful highways with little or nothing to look at (once you see the same, unwavering landscape for 300 miles, it becomes ho-hum). I blasted all the way to Colorado Springs, CO today, which means I did this. The one valuable lesson I learned today is that, while I may have gotten bored with Wyoming, at least all that wasn't as ball-busting, nerve-wracking as navigating an unfamiliar city (Denver) during rush hour traffic and through about 16 different road construction zones. The lesson learned? I am a way better driver than I originally gave myself credit for and I still don't like big bunches of people (that I don't already know and except for baseball games, er....that sucks too). That's why I put on Celestial by ISIS to purge the hate and nerves after Denver. More later, but now I gotta go eat at either a Hooters or TGIFriday's...hmmm, I'll need a drink! Oh yeah, my man Andrew (who I just met 35 minutes ago, here at Microtel Suites) hooked me up with a fat discount on my room!!! Guess I do have a charming personality afterall!
Oh, and ONE more thing: Jay Payton can kiss my ass for his Grand Salami to kill the Sox today, little fucker!

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