Monday, May 12, 2008

Road Trip: Day 1

So, this is how I looked as I turned 33, but now I'm on my friggin 3 week road trip!! Built for speed, fuckers! My first day was a long stretch from Seattle all the way to Kalispell, Monatana. This is about a 9 and a half hour drive, which normally puts mere mortals to bed just after stepping out of the car, but not Larry Legend, I was ready to go after my marathon on Friday. It was a mostly uneventful drive, save for a rogue coyote just outside of Ritzville. I was bombin along after a break for gas and a snack and I was looking out at the lake to the right (don't know the name, but it is minutes after Ritzville) and I look back at the road only to see a coyote STANDING in the middle of I-90!!! Luckily, I was able to slow down and honk my dear trickster god off the highway, but it gave me a heart was racing, because I would really prefer not to kill any animals at all on this trip. I thought of it as a good omen, just like the bird that shit into my open car window a few days ago (great shot, crow!). The album of the day's drive is Portishead's Third, which rules...please take a listen. It won't be what you want from the band you remember, but a great album. The Player of the Day is Carl Yastrzemski, who shows up a crazy number of times in SABR's record book, which my main shit stain John Baker got me for my birthday. I wonder if he is that, because his name is so easy to recognize, but then again, he was the shit. Go YAZ!!!

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