Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Road weary, bleary and void of fury

That Buffalo was about 3 feet from my car window!! I could even hear him huffing and grunting as he chawed on grasses, right after he crossed the highway in Yellowstone in front of my car. Pretty freakin cool to see that, in fact, I spent my whole day up close and personal with big animals. This morning I got up in West Yellowstone and went down to their Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. From there, I got cruisin into the park where I saw deer, caribou, elk, moose and some grizzly in the open. This was quite comical, because I stopped to check out the bear, which I am completely terrified of, and when I got back in the car, it wouldn't start. I thought, "Fuck, am I spending the night with the bears?!" I got a jump, which proved unnecessary, because it only wouldn't start, because I left it in reverse, which renders it unstartable. My own stupidity (probably brought on by my facing my fear of bears) gave me a little scare. If you can't laugh at yourself, then, well, you have a sad fuckin life. After that, I saw the Grand Tetons, which just absolutely rule...totally gorgeous and hard to describe without just being there. So, now I'm getting ready to crash in the Sundowner Hotel in Riverton, WY, a true bastion of culture and progressive thought (this comment will surely render me totally unwelcome here ever again!).
Unfortunately for me, the Sox lost again tonight. But, tonight's player of the day is Asdrubel Cabrera, who turned an unassisted triple play last night (holy shit!) and made an insane catch in shallow center tonight, keeping in mind that he plays 2nd Base, this play was incredible.
As for today's music, I couldn't pick a clear winner on the road, so we have a medley of tunes. Both Unomia and Eingya by Helios were perfect accompaniment for the drive through Yellowstone with their understated melancholy and mellow spaciness. Then some Kyuss for the drive down into Riverton, some straight highways with red clay plateaued hills to either side.
It was a beautiful day and a great drive!!!

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