Monday, May 12, 2008

Road Trip: Day 2 or somethin

This is what it looks like when you are trying to leapfrog 3 semi trucks in a row in a blizzard on a straight fucked highway. Actually, it wasn't that bad, but there was this dude in a Honda behind me that couldn't wait to get at it, so it was a little stressful, but fun. The drive was easy and quick...I pulled into W Yellowstone with many hours to spare and drink. I loved all the buffalo along the roadside, including a calf who looked as though he was ready to kick some ass. The Sox lost on the HD TV at the bar, but these dudes from Detroit were stoked to see their Red Wings (many jokes here) win in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. All in all, a great day and a great time, a few drunk folks at Bullwinkle's to have a conversation with. Hopefully tomorrow will provide a clear ride through the park and if not, I'll find a way to peep the Grand Tetons anyway. I know, for sure, though, that I'll check out the Wolf/Bear Rehab Center here in town before anything else. Can't wait!

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